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Our Story
Project PH; Our Story

We envision a future where:

  1. Mental health is not associated with shame, secrecy or prejudice.

  2. Filipino teens struggling with mental health issues can openly seek help from others.

  3. Families, friends and teachers know how to recognize and support Filipino teens who are at risk of mental distress.

  4. Filipino teens are empowered to use social media in ways that promote well-being and support for those who are struggling.

  5. Filipino teens and school leaders have ready access to intervention helplines while we  address the ongoing shortage of pediatric mental healthcare providers in the country.

Shoda Ladero

Shoda Ladero
Project PH; Founder

After the last national election, we asked former VP Leni Robredo, what should we do now? She said, it is time to help our countrymen. Find a SPACE – a social ill or problem and make small improvements today. Small improvements that over time add up to real long-term solutions.

1 out of 5 students aged 13-17 have attempted suicide at least once within a year in the Philippines*. The mental health crisis in the Philippines is a national emergency that we need to confront head on. Schools cannot accomplish this important work alone.


This is our space.

Mental Health Crisis
Mental Health Crisis

*2021 Young Adult Fertility & Sexuality Study (YAFS5), University of the Philippines, Population Institute;  World Health Organization (WHO) study;  Department of Education

As one of the pink movement’s grassroots leaders, We’ve seen a lot of our youth volunteers who are disheartened after the election but are still willing to fight for a meaningful change in the country. Most are itching to continue what they started during the election but find the idea of NGO too serious a commitment for them, given their meager resources and busy schedule as students and workers. They simply wanted to become a force for good, to be a part of the solution. Others simply misses the comradery and all the positive connections they’ve enjoyed during the Pink Movement. Project PH; is created for them.


It is our belief that if we create a culture of caring, there won’t be an opportunity for toxicity or even fake news to prosper. We intend to do this by giving our Filipino youth the skills, support, and opportunities to thrive both as volunteers and beneficiaries of our volunteering work. Project PH; will start with addressing mental health issues first, then move on to other issues that solely or disproportionately affects girls, women, and LGBT. Project PH; will serve as our Filipino youth’s apprenticeship to volunteerism, being a man or woman for others, with whatever time and resources they have now.


Founder, Pink Positive Movement

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